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What is Gospel Magic?

Gospel Magic is the art of using tricks or illusions as object lessons to share Bible Messages. It creates illusions or effects using science, mathematics, psychology, optical illusions, sleight of hands etc. It should not be confused with Black Magic – a form of sorcery or witchcraft which is condemned by the Bible. Our God has created the largest illusion – The mirage of an oasis in the hot desert. No magicians have ever created such a huge illusion yet remove magic.

Before or after performing, we normally tell our audience that our tricks are just illusions to share Bible Messages. The Bible itself is full of object lessons. Jesus used coins, sheep, fig tree etc. to share biblical truths.

The aim of the Gospel magician is to share the biblical truth coupled with some entertainment to the audience. Gospel Magic is a very effective visual aid and due to its mystery surrounding it, the audience tends to remember it longer.

An example of a Gospel Magic trick routine is described as below:

Jumping Rubber Band (Escape from Prison)


A rubber band is hanged loosely on the index finger to represent a prisoner. Another rubber band is banded on the index and middle finger to guard the prisoner while the fist is closed. Once the fist is opened, it jumps and lands itself between the ring and little finger to allow the prisoner to escape.

Bible ref: Acts 12:1-19 Peter’s miraculous escape from prison.


Two different colored rubber bands (Red and Yellow rubber bands are used here for illustrations)
A pair of scissors

Gospel Presentation Script

Script: Peter was put in prison by King Herod during the feast of unleavened bread. The King sent 16 soldiers to guard him.

Action: Place a yellow band hanging loosely on the right index finger to represent Peter. Take the red band and place it over the index and middle finger to guard Peter. Stretch the band around the four fingers while closing the fist without exposing the view to the audience.